Are you amazing in the kitchen? Does your doorbell happen to ring most often at dinnertime?  Do your friends beg you to make that favorite dish for the next potluck?  Do you serve your dish and for the first few minutes all you hear is silence, followed by sounds of pleasure as everyone is tasting your food?

If your answer is an emphatic YES!, then I'm about to offer you a deal, assuming you fit one of the following descriptions:  The everyday woman who is a goddess in the kitchen; The mom or dad who cooks like a legend but have never received any recognition from the French Culinary Institute; The great cooks of the world who never got a degree from Le Cordon Bleu but could teach Wolfgang Puck or Sarah Moulton a thing or two. You simply cook because you love us; your reward is our full bellies, our smiles, and our gratitude.  

So here’s the deal. To all those great cooks in homes all across the planet, I offer the opportunity to see your favorite dish in the limelight.  Styled by a professional food stylist and photographed by me, just like we do it for the magazines.  That favorite recipe that has satisfied many for years, finally immortalized in a delicious photograph as the masterpiece that it is!   

Send me your favorite recipe and we’ll give you your 15 seconds of fame right here on this blog. Besides the fame, you’ll receive a high-resolution color image for your personal use and the right to brag about it at the next party or on Facebook. Or just simply bask in the glory of seeing your favorite recipe in its best light, looking like it belongs on the cover of Food and Wine.  Who knows, if we get enough recipes I might even publish a book and put your name in print!  Just fill in the form below, tell us a bit about yourself, your recipe, and put me to work. Entrees, desserts, sides… two requirements: it has to be original, and most of all, it has to be delicioso!



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