Playing With Macarons

Some people are obsessed with macarons, I’ve learned.  I guess that is why there are quite a few places popping up around town that specialize in macarons.  I am not one of them, I find them extremely sweet.  Go figure, for one who likes to have ice cream for breakfast with sugary cereal and sweetened condensed milk!! (see previous post)  

These images were taken for one of our favorite Dallas agencies, The Richards Group.  Art directed by the fabulous Glen Dady, with the help of art producer and macaron taste tester, the incomparable Wendy White.  Resourced and styled by Kristen Dale Butler.  Macarons came from Tart Bakery.


Lighting was a single strobe shooting through a 6’ X 6’ diffused scrim, what I like to call a simulated window light, on the left side and slightly behind the macarons, with no fill cards.