Ice Cream For Breakfast!

Ridiculous!  Oh come on, once a year won't hurt.  Pick your favorite ice cream, your favorite cereal, and your favorite topping, and enjoy.  Look, it's cereal with milk and sugar.  What's the big deal.  

We actually did this for a client a couple of years ago, and they all participated!  They had a very guilty look on their faces all day, and not much got done the rest of the morning, but they loved it!  My personal favorite (not photographed, so not to be tempted) is Häagen-Dazs Chocolate with Sugar Corn Pops, drizzled with sweet condensed milk!

Camera directly above.  Window light from the left.  Black 4' x 4' card above the camera to kill any fill light and add contrast.  Kristen Butler keeps it cheery and breakfastsy looking with her prop styling and Food Stylist Stephanie Greenwood whips up the real thing in six different flavors.  Ben Gibson, photo tech and official taster. Couldn't do it without them!

So, without much more to say, here is our take on it.