Boar’s Head Red Velvet Cake

Yes you read correctly.  A red velvet cake made into the shape of a boar’s head.  This was one tremendously fun shoot for Rob Brinkley at FD Luxe Magazine.  Conceived and styled by the one and only Jimmie Henslee.  Orchestrated and produced by Kristen Dale Butler.  And nothing could have happened without the amazing Kathleen O'Donnell Schlichenmaier making sure we had everything that Jimmie needed for the shots.

Not a typical food shot, but I decided to include it in my blog because it was fun and simply wanted to share this with you all.

We love how Jimmie mixes it all up here, a $17,000. Hermes folding bench, a $5,000. Ralph Lauren stag punchbowl to hold the McDonald’s french fries, and the amazing cake by Lauren of Fancy Cakes. The cake was all real!  Fondant on the outside of course and delicious red velvet inside. Served with veggies made with fondant as well.

I did not include the picture of the boar’s head cake sliced open because it didn’t look very appetizing. Tasted like red velvet, but not a pretty shot.  :-(

The mostly overcast day was perfect for the shoot!  I am lucky that way.  Just a few fill cards here and there. The main shot was done with camera on tripod, later I walked around with my camera hand held.

I hope you like the change of pace.

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