La Ventana

Taco stands in Dallas, Texas are like Pizza stands in New York, seems like there's one in every corner. 

This one, La Ventana, I shot for FD Luxe Magazine last month and it sits directly behind another two Tex Mex restaurants.  Yes, three Mexican restaurants on one city block!  Yet they all have their distinct flavors, decor, and atmosphere, keeping us all addicted to Tex Mex. 

We didn't take any lights at all for this since we new we were going to be outside, the only seating available.  We shot the food right before dusk, and simply held a 4' X 4' black card directly above the food/table allowing light to come from the sides.  Other than having my assistant tilt the card to allow more or less light in, that was it.  Sweet and simple.  The other environment shots were done with a tripod at dusk and after, allowing longer exposures for the lights around the eating area.

Hope you like.

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La Ventana For Fd Luxe Magazine


La Ventana For FD Luxe Magazine