Duffy Doughnuts!

I love doughnuts. Plain doughnuts.  No glaze, no sprinkles, no fillings.  However, plain cake doughnuts will have to be for another day.  For this photo test we did chocolate doughnuts with all kinds of glazes concocted by our one and only Jersey girl, Dr Duffy!  Liz Duffy is another highly skilled food stylist that I have the good fortune of working with. While on one of her recent trips to Dallas for a photo shoot at my studio, after we were done shooting for our client we decided we weren't tired enough that evening, so we made doughnuts.  We shot them while she was prepping them in the kitchen and immediately took them over to a 1960's set styled by our own Texas boy, Jimmie Henslee.  The table looks a like my mom was about to have some cafe con leche y un dono, back in the 60's when she use to smoke.

Lighting for both sets was the same, one strobe head in a soft box, about 6 ft high, almost directly above the surface, slightly camera left. No bounce or fill cards.  I just wanted to do it a little diferrent than my usual window light from the side.   

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